Trading FAQ

The following are the questions beginner traders often ask. If there are additional questions you feel we should address, please notify us and we will list your questions to assist other clients. Please have in mind that this is a general trading-related FAQ, while there are other documents on this Web Site that address Marketiva-specific topics.

To read complete trading frequently asked questions, please visit:

Here some information you can find on trading FAQ:

1. General Information

1.1. What do I need to do in trading?

1.2. What can I trade on the market?

1.3. When is the market open for trading?

1.4. Is there an easy way to start trading?

2. Trading Fundamentals

2.1. What is long and short position?

2.2. What is entry limit and stop level?

2.3. What is stop-loss and target level?

2.4. What is GTC, GTD and IOC order?

3. Trading Specifics and Facts

3.1. What is point and position point value?

3.2. How do I calculate my profit?

3.3. Are there any restrictions on quantity?

3.4. Where can I see spread sizes?

4. Strategies and Techniques

4.1. How do I manage risk in trading?

4.2. What kind of strategy should I use?

4.3. How long are positions maintained?

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